Send emails from functional mailbox to send box of that mailbox

We have Multiple mailboxes. Standard is when you send an email from those mailboxes, the emails are in your own send box. By adding this regkey it will be placed in the mailbox of where you send it from.

This is for Outlook 2010. Change 14.0 to the correct version. (Save the file as *.reg and run it)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


14.0 = Office 2010
15.0 = Office 2013
16.0 = Office 2016

Task scheduler send email

Open Task Scheduler
Right Click Create New Task

Go to Tab Actions and click on New

Now enter powershell.exe under Program/scripts

Add argument > point this to the powershell script, eg C:\scripts\email.ps1

now the very simple powershell script: email.sp1

Send-MailMessage -to <recipient email address> -Subject "Backup Success" -body "The server backup job on server1 completed successfully" -smtpserver <your mail server> -from <sender email addreess>


Add mailbox in Outlook 2013

Go to File

Go to Account Settings -> Account Settings

Click on Change (or dubble click on your name)

Click on More Settings

Click on tab Advanced

Click on Add

Type the name of the person/mailbox or emailadres and click on OK

Click on OK

Click on Next

Click on Finish

Click on Close

Now on the left side in outlook you have the mailbox available.