Task scheduler send email

Open Task Scheduler
Right Click Create New Task

Go to Tab Actions and click on New

Now enter powershell.exe under Program/scripts

Add argument > point this to the powershell script, eg C:\scripts\email.ps1

now the very simple powershell script: email.sp1


Add mailbox in Outlook 2013

Go to File

Go to Account Settings -> Account Settings

Click on Change (or dubble click on your name)

Click on More Settings

Click on tab Advanced

Click on Add

Type the name of the person/mailbox or emailadres and click on OK

Click on OK

Click on Next

Click on Finish

Click on Close

Now on the left side in outlook you have the mailbox available.

Windows 10 WSUS Upgrade Issues File Not Found

I had problems with updating my system to 1607 version.
Recieved error message File not found.

Found this website with solution

We were having an issue with the Windows 10 upgrade MS recently released to WSUS server on our domain. To put a long story short the issue is in IIS and NOT WSUS per say. After some testing it turns out IIS was not serving the .esd file (this is the main update file) due to the mime type not being set. To rectify the issue:

under IIS Admin->WSUS Administration->Content-> Click on “Mime Types”-> Add

File Mame Extention:  = .esd

MIME type:     application/vnd.ms-cab-compressed

If you have already tried to pull the W10 update you may need to clear your SoftwareDistribution Download Cache under the Windows Dir and clear out the hidden $WINDOWS.~BT


The actual mime type for esd, accordion to http://www.filesuffix.com/en/extension/esd, is “application/octet-stream”.

Install iTunes with Landesk

At this moment I have rights for Landesk. Not optimal but I can add software and send it to systems what I manage.

Here is a script that I use to install Itunes.


Dell E7470 Bios Update

At the company where I work we don’t have full domain rights. There is no SCCM Server. There is an other software deploy program that we only have rights to send it to computers, not to create packages. So I create my own scripts to update computers.

This script I wanted to created in Powershell because it is the new windows script language. And is only used for Windows 10

I created a separate AD group that I can select the computers one by one to update. If you do all at once and there are problems you have a lot of work.

This script is added in users policy and computer policy because the user has no admin rights and needs to give aprove to do the update.

The computer Policy

The user Policy

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