Export Outlook contacts to Google Contacts for using Whatsapp on Business phone

Open outlook and go to File

Open & Export


Select Export to a File and then on Next

Select Comma Separated Values and then on Next

Scroll up and select Contacts and then on Next

Save the file somewhere locally by clicking on Browse

And click on Finish

Now your contacts are exported to a file

Now open browser and go to https://contacts.google.com/ sign-in with your google account. What you use on your phone.

On the left side almost at the end (Scroll down) click on Import

Create a separate ‘Label’ for the imported contacts to renew them if needed.
Click on (For me on GAL)

At the end of the scroll window, Click on New Label and enter a name. And uncheck (for me GAL)

Click on Bestand selecteren (Select File)

Select the csv file what you created from outlook.
And click then on Importeren (Import)

Now all your company contacts are in your google account.
Now you can use it with your Whatsapp