Disable-Enable automapping Echange 2016

Because automapping is not always working correct, just created this script to re-enable automapping with the correct settings. This script you need to run on the Exchange server.


Update Synology Mail Plus spam server more than once a day.

Update Synology Mail Plus spam server more than once a day

Just found the scripts that you can run and schedule to run more often than once a day. And if you run ClaimAV as virusscanner.

Run the following scripts.

bash /volume1/@appstore/MailPlus-Server/scripts/SpamRuleUpdate.sh all
bash /volume1/@appstore/MailPlus-Server/scripts/SpamAutoLearn.sh
bash /volume1/@appstore/AntiVirus/scripts/clamav.sh check_update

AD Send mail on password reset

This is based on Security Event ID 4724. When this is logged on the domain controller, Task Scheduler kicks this script. And send a mail to Admin and user. And also creates a local log file who reset the password.


AD Send mail on Account Lock

At a company where I worked, there was no logging with account lock and the had plans to change the GPO that accounts will not be auto unlocked.
So I also added mailing to the admin of that specific OU (Country)

I found a script from Maxzor1908 on Technet
That was the basic. I Added a lot of extra.


AD Change Display name

At the company were I worked we had a name change. They also use the display name in outlook to send mail. Example: Daag van der Meer [Company] So everyone see direct what the company is.

The script below built the display name with firstname lastname [Company]