Install Notepad++ with GPO

For a different company I needed to install Notepad++ on some systems.

Created AD group. Created a Share. Give rights to the AD group.
In the ad Group place the computers.

Created GPO and rights to the AD group only.
Added the script in startup scripts in the computer configuration.


Create a reboot popup with Landesk

The problem what I had with Landesk, when software is installed I want to inform the user to reboot. This is not configured in Landesk.

I made this script that use landesk client on the system to create a popup for a reboot.

Add this script to landesk as a program and you can use it every time when you need to inform the user to reboot.

Netsend with PStools

I created this script to send a message to all of our managed systems if there are problems and email is not working.

Here is the overview of the files what you need.

The computer.txt is the list of all hostnames where you want to send message.

PsExec you can download at Microsoft.

readme.txt is a short manual how to use it for other people

The startmij.cmd file below you can only run when the files are local on the system with UAC enabled and tested only with Windows 7. And you need to have local admin rights on all of the domain computers.

Install iTunes with Landesk

At this moment I have rights for Landesk. Not optimal but I can add software and send it to systems what I manage.

Here is a script that I use to install Itunes.


Remove Java and install Latest Version

At the company where I work we don’t have full domain rights. There is no SCCM Server. There is an other software deploy program that we only have rights to send it to computers, not to create packages. So I create my own scripts to update computers.

This script I use to update Java on all computers. Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Add this script to the machine policy.


When a computer has the login screen this batch file runs and removes / installs Java.