Enable MAC pass through on Lenovo Thinkpad T14s

Here is a walk tough to enable MAC pass though for when connecting it to a docking but don’t want to use the MAC of the docking because of network security.

This is only for the Lenovo Thinkpad T14s

Start the laptop by pressing the Power button and Press F12 on the keyboard to enter the Boot menu/BIOS

When your Boot menu/BIOS is Password protected, Enter the Password and press con Continue

Now Entering Boot Menu

Now you entered the Boot Menu. Your mouse is available here.

Move your mouse to App Menu and click on it

On the right side click on Setup

Now you are in the setup

Move the mouse to Config and Click on it.

Click on Network

Now you are in the Network config. On the last row there is MAC Address Pass Through. Click on Disabled (If it is not on enabled)

Select Internal MAC Address

When its set Press F10 to Save and Exit

Click on Yes to confirm

Now the laptop is ready.